Idli Rawa – 500 GMS

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This yummy south Indian dish is one of the super light weight loss foods that you would love to munch on. A suji idli is full of fibre and provides valuable nutrition to your diet. A single suji idli carries very low calories without any fat and cholesterol. Therefore, it is an ideal breakfast to keep your hunger away. This idli is also very nutritious and has the advantage of not requiring any advance preparations.
If you’re trying to reduce belly fat or shed a few extra kilos you have put on, you would want to include this delicious popular South Indian dish called ‘Idli’ in your daily diet. Generally, Idli is a steamed cake made from fermented batter of rice and black lentils. Besides rice, people also make idli using rava, ragi flour, etc, owing to their health benefits.


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